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Toolbox Video Services & Toolbox Training

A bird's-eye view is captivating. Whether you choose video, photography, or both - people will notice.

Capture the attention of your clients or customers with high-definition aerial videos and photography.

Toolbox Video Services is FAA-licensed & insured.

* For high definition, make sure "1080p60" is selected in your YouTube settings! *

Aerial Video

Aerial Drone Video Production

Aerial Photography

Aerial Drone Photography

How it Works


Toolbox Video Services utilizes a GPS/GLONASS-connected UAV (commonly referred to as a "Drone") to film full HD video, and capture HD photos. We are FAA-licensed and compliant. Our ability to capture stunning photos and video from a vantage point that nothing on the ground can duplicate comes from 30+ years of unmanned vehicle experience including cars, planes, helicopters, and UAV's. This is not our first rodeo.


Aerial footage can be incorporated into a larger project that we're producing for you, or used to create a stand-alone project. Everything we produce is fully edited in-house during post-production, so it will always look amazing.


Our prices are extremely competitive and vary based on the particular project, just contact us and we'll get you a quote.


-Marty & Charlie

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