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Toolbox Video Services & Toolbox Training
Construction Close-out Training Videos

"Their experience shows through right away."

"I've known Charlie and Marty for close to two decades and have always found them to be organized, reliable, and fun to work with. We've used them on several occasions for O&M training videos and have found their work to be top-notch. We plan on using them for all future video projects."

- Jeff Halperin

Owner, D&H Construction

D&H Construction Video Training

"We've worked with Charlie and Marty many times on both O&M and Apartment Inspection videos, and they've been very helpful, easy to work with, and professional. I would highly recommend them."

- Alejandro Oropeza

Facilities Manager, Eden Housing

Eden Housing

"I was very nervous at first, but Marty and Charlie immediately put me at ease and made the process so simple. They’re patient and make it easy for me use the videos in my marketing. Their experience shows through right away, and they know what looks good on camera and what doesn't. They brought out the best of me."


- Meridee Carter

Real Estate Agent, Marvin Gardens

Marvin Gardens

"I can’t recommend Toolbox Video Services highly enough! Marty and Charlie were super thorough and professional, and delivered a sophisticated video tour of the luxury property. They provided all the impressive video and lighting equipment, and also gave helpful feedback about being in front of the camera and doing voiceovers. They also had great ideas about how to showcase the video to attract future listings/clientele. You can tell they comprehensively filmed the home, as well as spent ample time in the studio thoughtfully editing it and adding text and background music. The quality of their work was exceptional and seamless."


- Elisa Audo-Beliov

Real Estate Agent, Pacific Union / Christies International

Pacific Union
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