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Toolbox Video Services & Toolbox Training
San Francisco Live Show Production

Share your live event or performance with the world, with a professionally produced video.

Let Toolbox Video Services film your next event or performance. From plays; to live music; to stand-up comedy routines, our experience with multi-camera shoots allows us to produce the perfect video for you.

* For high definition, make sure "1080p" is selected in your Vimeo settings! *

How it Works


Once you have a show and location selected, we coordinate set-up with the venue; set up our cameras and microphones in a manner that doesn’t interfere with you or the audience; and then work with you during post-production to ensure you get exactly what you want.

We can deliver via Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, or create ready-to-sell DVD’s or flash drives - whatever your project calls for.

We are highly competitive in our pricing, which varies based on a number of factors, so please contact us for a quote.


-Marty & Charlie

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