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Toolbox Video Services & Toolbox Training

Don't tell your customers what you do.

Show them!

Let Toolbox Video Services create a brand marketing video that shows your customers what your company is all about.

Video is rapidly becoming the way people gather information online. Join the revolution.

* For high definition, make sure "1080p60" is selected in your YouTube settings! *

How it Works


Every video is designed around what your company needs, and the production is taylored to fit each individual business. We film everything in high definition with multiple pro-level cameras, professional-grade microphones, and a host of equipment to ensure the video is worthy of HGTV. Everything needed for the shoot arrives on site with us, including a great attitude that puts you and your employees at ease in front of the cameras. Our experience allows us to direct the process, get the needed details, and keep things running efficiently.


After filming and post-production is complete, we post the video to YouTube, and you simply put the link on your website, share it on social media, or send it to your customers in one of your company newsletter emails. We also provide a flash drive with the video file so you have an archive copy.


Our prices are extremely competitive and vary for each project, so please contact us and we'll quickly get you a quote.


-Marty & Charlie

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