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Toolbox Video Services & Toolbox Training

Turn months or years into minutes, with time-lapse

See the transformation of a remodel, or the evolution of ground-breaking to completion.

Watch your long-term construction project unfold in minutes.

* For high definition, make sure "1080p60" is selected in your YouTube settings! *

How it Works


Time-lapse can be a stand-alone video, showing only the construction or remodel, or we can integrate other types of video into the final project. Adding aerial views gives a breathtaking overview; capturing footage of the site prior to the start gives a dramatic sense of change to the location; and interviewing folks involved with the build provides a deeper connection.

Our prices are extremely competitive and vary based on project size, time-line of project, etc., so please contact us and we'll quickly get you a quote.


-Marty & Charlie

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